Orange Amps Micro Terror 20-Watt Tube Preamp Compact Tube Amp Bundle with Guitar Cabinet and Cable (3 Items)

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    Great Amp & Service
    "Powerful great sounding little amp, easy to carry. Had one issue and the seller went above and beyond to replace."
    rock n roll packed in 20w
    " Absolutely love this product. This little guy packs a PUNCH! I just started playing guitar again and was thrilled to work with this product. It’s a great, cost effective option. Don’t hesitate to buy it. You won’t be disappointed."
    Get it, like now. I SAID NOW!!
    "This. Is. A. BEAST!

    The micro terror is 20w, first off. That's just nuts. This thing puts out so much power, its insane. The tiny cab sounds good enough, but the amp would be a lot better in something bigger to be honest.

    The only issue I have is that this really isn't a bedroom amp, its not quiet enough for that. I mean, I can kind of get away with it at 1 or 2 volume but you can't turn up the gain much at all. If you do try to get some crunchy sounds out of it, it will be LOUD AF, even on volume 1. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but there are better amps for practicing in your room where you can get more out of them. Never tried it with a band or anything, but honestly as loud as this thing gets, if you run it through a large cab, you could probably do some practice sessions with it, MAYBE even gig with it. It really is amazingly powerful. Simple, but powerful.

    Oh, one complaint I have is that the simulated headphone out is not that great. Its kinda scratchy when you are playing a bit hard, but for this tiny thing it is good enough.

    Overall I love this tiny little amp and its an Orange so it sounds super good! You should buy it, no regrets at all here."
More About This Item
  • 1 Specially Designed Orange Speaker, 8 ohm, Power Handling 20w
  • Head and Cabinet together. Includes AC Adapter and Speaker Cable

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