Orange Amps Crush Mini 3W Analogue Combo Amp

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    Love it! Mini AMP Big sound! its great! Pair with a Donner mini Fuzz blue.
    "This is great! such a fun little amp! big sounds for how small it is, its cute, it runs on a battery. I put it in my living room on the wall by my guitar so if i get an ich to noddle i just plug it in and i am ready to rock. very fun. I pair mine with a donner mini fuzz blue pedle, great sound for what it is. so cool birthday gift for a guitar player ."
    Pretty cool little amp
    "Nothing I really dislike about it, like many others here. I've been using this to record songs with and ignoring all of my other amps, but this amp and I are still honeymooning. It's surprising soundswise if you mic the speaker in the center closely. Sounds better than a $75 "toy" has the right to sound. Hearing back my 1 and 1/2-chord trasher/garage rock I've done with it, I honestly don't think anyone would know it was a tiny practice amp, in the context of an entire mix. Only thing about micing it is that the plastic logo is placed about where the center of the speaker is, but a little surprisingly, that doesn't murder anything; it doesn't sound as though the sound is being "blocked", really. I've also been also using only this for bass bits, but for that I plug this into my Bugera 2x12 (it's a guitar cab, but the volume is low and can't possibly hurt it). It's got one original Bugera and the other speaker is a 12" Jensen Mod, which I'd highly recommend to anyone. I do notice that the volume is much lower thru the cab using bass than it is when I've heard my guitars thru it that way. For what it is, I think it's really good."
    Don't expect too much!
    "First, I want to say that my expectations weren't high going into this but I expected slightly better sound quality based on the review videos that I had watched. The amp is actually quite loud for it's size. That being said, the sound was very poor at louder volumes. The gain was actually very weak. It might be useful for guitar players who use less distortion but for harder rock or metal, in my opinion it's useless. I didn't try it with pedals ( I wanted simple. Pedals defeated the purpose) but did try using an adapter to hook up my Nux MP2. That didn't go so well. I also couldn't get it to work with my wireless transmitter. This seems to have something to do with the way the amp powers on. There isn't an on and off switch, but it simply turns on when the guitar cable is connected. I originally was going to give it 4 stars as I didn't try using it to power a cabinet. Many of the review videos brag about how amazing it sounds when you do this, but then I thought about it and think that most people are not buying this for that purpose but for what it actually is, a tiny battery powered practice amp. I got it for $60 and even at that price point, couldn't justify keeping it. I returned it and I'm waiting on delivery of the Donner Cyclops. Be wary of the video reviews, unless mine was defective and I don't think it was, it didn't sound anywhere near as good as the ones in the reviews."
More About This Item
  • Built-In Tuner and Headphone Output: The Crush Mini features a built-in tuner, as well as a headphone output that mutes the speaker for silent practice. You can also play along to your favourite tracks using the Aux In
  • Power Source: Powered by a 9V battery (included) or an external 9V DC adapter (centre negative), the Crush Mini switches on automatically when you plug in your guitar

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