Monoprice Stage Right Series Guitar Amplifier SB 2x12 Extension Cabinet with 2X Celestion V30 Speakers (625915)

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    Shipping is the issue.
    "This is not a review of how the speakers sound or how well the cabinet is constructed. That being said and being very subjective I will say pleasantly pleased and surprisingly strong. The issue is the packing used for the shipment. UPS listed weight at 81 pounds. These are single boxed with foam suspension in corners and the long areas between the corners for a total of 12 areas. My first shipment arrived with 1.5 corners missing, foam visible from box exterior and numerous rips and tears to the box. The castor wheels are in bags attached to cabinet lifting handles, well 2 were there. The other 2 were sticking to the magnet of one speaker. The cabinet had numerous dings and one major impact that compressed the wood and tore the vinyl. This one I returned after spending over 2 hours repairing and reinforcing the original shipping box and mending the foam inserts. Shipment #2 arrived with shipping box damage but not as bad as the first shipment. Cabinet is in better condition with 2 smaller dings one with vinyl tare. Since Monoprice does not offer double boxing as a add-on service there is nothing I could do to help mitigate potential damage. I am keeping the second shipment. If you want one of these and you want it to be perfect be prepared to return them until you are happy. Monoprice if you read this either re-engineer the shipping container or offer double boxing. This is a good product and you are getting value for your money."
    very easy to give this 2x12 cab 5 stars
    "good construction. works flawlessly. no issues. the real selling point here is that it was about $300. two Celestion V30's will set you back about $300. so you are basically getting the cabinet/wiring for free. that is a FANTASTIC value. i am running a Joyo Zombie head through this thing (20w) and it is LOUD. i can't imagine how loud a 50w head would be running through this thing. this is my first cab - i always had combo amps. it will take some time to get used to how heavy it is (i can't imagine how heavy a 4x12 is), but it comes with a handle on the top and sides as well as removable casters. so it is easy to push around."
    Celestions Vintage 30’s are the real deal.
    "I bought two of these 212 cabinets direct from Monoprice because at the time they were on sale for $365. Now Amazon sells them for the same price. Some reviewers have mentioned shipping damage well that’s on FedEx or UPS. With my first cab the box was pretty roughed up but the cab was undamaged. My second cab arrived in a box beat up bad with big gouges and tears. I was nearly certain the cab had to be damaged. Surprisingly the cab managed to only get a small dent on the bottom back edge that’s very hard to see and invisible during normal use. Yeah they could build a better shipping box but I’m sure FedEx or UPS could destroy that too.
    The cabs are made from both plywood an MDF and both of those are heavy so yeah it’s heavy. The casters are of very good quality and snap in securely. Comfortable recessed side handles are good quality too. All comers are protected by metal caps. The speakers are the real deal actual Celestion Vintage 30’s. To be clear Celestion now has many of their speakers made in China to their spec. That’s good and bad because there is at least one YouTube reviewer that claims that at least some V30’s that came from China didn’t live up to their reputation. According to him that problem was solved. The speakers I received sound just as V30’s are supposed to…fantastic. All speaker have a break in period. My speaker were a bit bright at first but never lacked bottom end or mids. In fact the V30 in this cab rival some closed back cabs I have heard for bass response. In conclusion, these 212 cabs are a fantastic bargain at just a few dollars more than the cost of the speakers themselves. If you buy them from Amazon or direct from Monoprice and they arrive damaged, by all means return them and get a replacement. Both companies make the return process fairly painless. Finally I’ll just say that the sound you’ll get from this cab completely lives up to the reputation of the Vintage 30 speaker."
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  • Celestion V30 drivers produce enormously detailed and complex overtones, a warm low end, and a famously rich vocal-like mid range.
  • MDF and Plywood cabinet construction.

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