Marshall Origin 160-Watt 2x12 Inches Vertical Extension Cabinet Amplifier Part (ORI212A)

Top Reviews from the United States
    Its a very good speaker cab
    "Great sounding when driven by a Marshall or an Orange Micro terror or dark. My only two complaints are that it is particle board instead of plywood and for the $300.00 you spend, it offers no metal corner protection. That will cost you another 50 dollars. That said the Celestion 70/80s sound good and of course, for you modders, upgrades are fairly easy to swap out."
    "Really nice cab, got it for my son. Running it through a Marshall 50 watt head. The speakers may not be Celestion's best model but sounds great."
    Great cab
    "Love the cab , sounds great came as described , got to say great customer service , had a little issue with shipping, but they took care in a timely manner , very satisfied and happy"
More About This Item
  • Classic vintage stlye of the Origin series
  • Superb speakers to add a tight low-end and punchy mid-range to your sound

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