Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier (M-MG30GFX-U)

Top Reviews from the United States
    Amazing Marshall
    "So, I’ve been playing acoustic and electric on a old Johnson amp that a family member gave me. Then I bought this…ummm wow. I didn’t realize what my guitars were “supposed” to sound like until now. The sound is rich, clear, room filling. Turn up to rocket ship loud and it sounds rich, clear, and ear numbing. It just simply sounds amazing at any level."
    buy a marshall. they are the best.
    "the sound and the different tones are gorgeous."
    Great product for price.
    "If you are looking for a Marshall tone with decent effects this is probably the best you can do for under $600.
    -The crunch/od channels get a nice range of the classic Marshall sound and beyond.
    -The clean tone is full-bodied and shimmery.
    -The effects are limited but have a decent quality.
    -Tone overall is good. You can feel the equalizing; heavy bass and/or deep mid-range and/or sharp treble are nice and pronounced.
    A great product for beginners and intermediates and not to bad for a practice amp for professionals."
More About This Item
  • Manual & preset channel modes
  • Line in for jamming along with tracks. Clean, crunch, OD1, OD2 channels.30 Watt (RMS) Output @ 4 Ohms

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