EVH 5150III 1x12" 30-watt Extension Cabinet - Ivory

Top Reviews from the United States
    My new fav
    "My favorite cabinet by far. I’ve always been a Celestion Vintage 30 guy, but took a chance on this and fell in love! Playing through a Randall Diablo, a JCM 800 clone and Orange and absolutely dope, thick chunky mids with good clarity. My Vintage 30 Marshall cab is sitting to the side. Very well-made. Highly recommend."
    Compact and loud
    "Excellent little cabinet for your evh head. I love it because it is easy to transport and is really loud. Sounds just like the 2x12 to me."
    Best Cab ever
    "Great cab my main gig cab now. Perfect if you want to downsize and not lose any tone."
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