Boss IR-200 Amp and IR Cabinet Pedal

Top Reviews from the United States
    Worth the price!
    "The fact that it has bass amps and a send/return channel makes it so much more worth the money than other competing products like Strymon. I highly recommend this product, and it’s built well too!"
    Clean sounds are amazing, Overdrive sounds may or may not be to your liking.
    "Note: If you want to use MIDI with this device, you need to use a Boss midi cable. Regular 5 pin TRS cables don't work (are they wired differently?)

    Clean sounds are great
    Uses high fidelity IR files (I found 3rd party files sound a bit better than the built in ones)
    Can output in stereo with different signal paths (and cabs, eq's) for each channel. Simple wet / dry setups
    Outputs are balanced
    Can be used as a USB interface
    Huge number slots for programs and 3rd party IR's
    Very simple to use with midi switching (once you have the right cable)

    Low clarity and noisy when using higher gain setups (to my ear, differing opinions are perfectly valid)
    No usb based editing. All patches have to be edited on the device.
    Very little documentation. If you don't already know what you're looking at you might be frustrated.
    No power button (it's not necessary, but it gives me anxiety not having one)."
    Really good stuff
    "Near perfect. It'd be nice to have a spring tank reverb IR'd in there for the Fender Twin.
    The effects loop setup is a little buried, but once it's running, its a great setup. Running an FX-40 and an Oceans 11 into the AC-30 IR is just amazing."
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