Vox AmPlug 2 Cabinet - 2-Watt Mini Cabinet for AmPlug

Top Reviews from the United States
    "Great product."
    You Need the mini Vox ampplug for a better experience
    It works
    It’s small (but kinda wide)
    Came in good packaging
    Comes with a battery
    Comes with connectors

    Difficult to put in battery
    Need a Vox mini amp plug to make it sound better
    Price could be better

    In conclusion, it’s a good amp. Sounds decent and it came in good condition. I’m happy it came with a battery but putting it in was another story. It doesn’t fit so I had to remove the little wires it came with out of the box to get it to work. It’s hard to explain but you’ll understand when you get it. Another thing was that the wires inside can come off the amp which is weird. There’s a ribbon on the back (not sure why) and you need the mini amp plug to get a better experience. Another thing is that it’s huge. It’s bigger than my wallet. I thought it was gonna be small- which it is- but it’s thick.
    In general, it’s a good amp, it gets the job done."
    Fantastic Little AMP
    "Has made practicing so much easier. I don't have to limit myself to one room. I can take this little box anywhere. I also have several of the Amplugs (Clean, Classic Rock) that give it a classic effect. Worth the money and investment. Love playing out on my back porch without lugging an amp through the house."
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