VOX Black Cab Series Amplifier Cabinet (BC108)

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    Arrived in good shape.
    "This is pretty good sounding for a tiny 8" speaker...surprisingly plenty of bottom end...real nice cabinet. Maybe a little pricey.. I use it as a practice setup with the matching MV50 Clean amp. Small enough to put on my desk and so is the little amp. I would take it to do gigs backing up acoustic instruments or other quiet jobs but I sure wouldn't depend on it to cut through drums with any kind of headroom. I have run the MV50 through a Fender 4 ohm 2-12 bottom and the thing can just about take the place of my 66 Bandmaster head for sure when talking about volume. Tone is not bad either...I A/B'ed them and was pleasantly surprised."
    A Practice Cabinet
    "This was a cabinet bought to pair with a Vox MV50 Rock amp mini head.
    This is a simple enough cabinet, plug in your amp head with a cable and you're set.
    What this is: It's a small, functional practice amp more than anything. It's size makes it light enough to be mobile and it seems to be built sturdy.
    I can't see it being big enough to gig with unless you mic'ed it.
    I have also plugged an Orange Micro Dark mini amp into this speaker and it works just as well.
    For the money it's a bargain for a practice amp."
    Modern looks, finally!
    "I connected the BC108 to an Orange Micro Dark, because I thought the Orange 1x8" speaker's sound was a bit harsh. This one has tons of lows, almost too much. I guess the half-open back does its job! I hate the way Vox products usually look, but the BC finally broke the brown cloth and shiny X pattern. The Xs are there, but in a very discrete, muted manner. The speaker looks elegant, fresh, modern. I was actually looking for a BC110, but could only find 112 or this 108. 112 was a bit expensive, and despite my worries of volume and base I gave a try to 108. It does sound great! As I said, the base is almost too much with the only Orange, but if I add a pedal into the effects loops, the sound becomes sublime."
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  • Parallel speaker jacks

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