Peavey 112 1x12 Guitar Cabinet

Top Reviews from the United States
    Incredible value for the money
    "I wanted to start playing with cab/head setups instead of my big marshall combo amp all the time. I've used this with a Vox MV50, Hughes and Kettner AmpMan, and Orange Micro Terror.

    The Orange is the only one that didn't get loud enough for a drummer, and that's because it's low power. The other two are great. The H&K has a lot of high-end, and I play a strat. So I don't usually use that amp with this cab with my band. I'll probably get something open backed for that, and that's why I knocked a star off of the "Versatility" metric."
    Excellent Sounding Cab with a 12" Celestion Greenback Speaker
    "A few years ago I bought a Peavey 20MH Valve King head, wanting something that was smaller than my Marshall stacks, but tube. I tried different cabs, including my 1960. But still the idea was getting something smaller, something I could more easily transport. That's why I bought that specific head. it's a 20 watt, 5 watt and 1 watt head. Finally I matched it up with this cab. The Peavey 16ohm 112-6. Which utilizes a 12 inch Celestion Greenback speaker. Not a Valveking. Like in most of their other tube amps, which I also own. Which sound pretty good. But I prefer Celestion. Anyway, this cab has a full bodied sound. I've played a Marshall 50 and 100 Watt head through this cab, as well as the Peavey 20mh, at 1, 5 and 20 watts. highs, mids and lows all come through very well. Clean is sparkling, and muddy is gritty as you want to go with this cab. So if you are looking for a good cab with a Celestion 12inch, closed back, give this baby a whirl. The only negative I have for this cab, it doesn't come with wheels. A minor problem and easily correctable. A few bucks at the most. Also doesn't take up a lot of space."
    It's pretty good for an affordable cab
    "I bought this cab about 2 years ago. I'd say it's quite a steal for $129 US, despite a couple of flaws.

    It's your standard 1x12 cab, with an all black, all American metal vibe and a Peavey Blue Marvel 12" speaker inside. The Speaker is indeed a Peavey Blue Marvel but it's unbranded and practically unmarked on the inside. The back panel says it's rated at 16ohms and 40 watts which might entirely be true but I searched for this speaker very diligently online, and the results that I pulled showed a speaker capable of 70 watts and 8 ohms. So who truly knows. I know that the Blue Marvel in it has a very dark and muddy tone to it. It was a life saver when I was dead broke and desperate for gear. Today though, I've upgraded mine with a Celestion Vintage 30 which honestly sounds leagues better. I also installed wheels onto it's bottom so I can roll it around. I play it with my Peavey 6505 mh and it sounds spectacular.

    I feel this is a great starter cab. Buy it when you're young and broke, put a little micro head through it like an Orange- Micro Terror or a Joyo- Zombie or whatever and you've got a pretty great and affordable practice rig."
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  • Closed Back
  • Mono Input Jack

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