Parts Express Knock-Down 2x12 Baltic Birch Bass/Guitar Cabinet

Top Reviews from the United States
    Precision cut baltic birch
    "Good product. Precision cuts and decent baltic birch. Could be thicker, but this is a smallish cabinet for 2x12, only 10 in deep, compared to 13 or 14 for Hard Truckers. The smaller size means less flex, so 1/2 in is probably ok. Note, i did not glue the back on (wanted option for open back and rear mounting speakers). After I glued all sides, the back pieces no longer fit. The clamping without the back allowed it to compress the back opening a tiny bit. I had the cut a 1/16 off the back inserts to fit in the dado. I glued a nailer strip to the top and bottom of the rear opening, to screw the back panels to. Also, I added a second baffle on the inside (hence needing rear access) cut for 10 inch speakers. This additional inner baffle is screwed to the original outer baffle, so the cab is easily converted between 10 and 12 inch. Worked out great."
    Great kit but kinda small for a 2x12
    " Pros: The kit is quality 1/2" Baltic birch ply. It fits together well. The routed joints are a good fit. I would buy it again if it was larger. JBL E120s fit with no need for modification ????

    Cons: 1/2" is kinda thin and the box is smaller then I was expecting. I added another layer of 1/2 Baltic plywood and added 6" of depth to the cab. It was a real headache making the cab larger. I wouldn't do that again. And I messed up the natural finish so I painted it black. The aluminum speaker clips came from eBay. Search for "Wall of Sound Speaker clips. They were about $40.

    I'll build the next one from scratch. 3/4" Baltic Birch and larger dimensions but it's a good kit otherwise."
More About This Item
  • Accurate CNC cut for precision and easy assembly
  • Rabbeted and dadoed joints provide ample gluing surface area for durable construction

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