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    A beast in disguise.
    "I just received this cabinet yesterday, I connected it to my mesa boogie single rectifier head and all I have to say is wow. The speaker is only 35 watts and my head is running 50 watts. This combination is louder than I needed it to be and it screams! I have only found a few reviews about this cabinet, people talking about how it is a good bedroom volume cab. That is true, however I played with a full band & I could still drown people out. Depending on the genre you are after and how the setup goes will determine the value of this cabinet.

    I play in a reggae band, yes I use the infamous "metal" amp for reggae. I played with a drummer, bassist, and 2 guitarists including myself and this cabinet cut through with no problems. I used the clean channel for most of the night, the cabinet did not distort until I turned the gain knob up (obviously).

    The mesa fits my style and my guitars, I use passive and active humbuckers in all my guitars. I can't speak on single coils, but I'm sure it would sound just as good. I have not plugged it into any other amps, but a 50 watt will do just fine."
    Great practice amp!
    "Does exactly what it's supposed to do. Compact, loud, built well. This little 8 inch sounds bigger than it looks. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good practice cab."
    Just what the Doctor ordered.
    "I was in need of a small apartment practice/café guitar amp. Purchased a little all tube Bugera T5 head that's switchable from 5/1/0.1 W @4Ohms & needed an appropriate speaker cabinet. Grabbed up one of these Randall RG8's & a Celestion 15W 4 ohm replacement speaker.

    Just what the Doctor ordered.

    Leave 'em smiling!"
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