Orange Micro Dark Terror MD20 Hybrid Amp Head Mini Stack Combo Bundle w/ PPC108 1x8” Cabinet + Pig Hog Woven Guitar Cable, Speaker Cable and Liquid Audio Polishing Cloth (5 Items)

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    Great amp
    "Sounds great, exactly what i expected."
    An evil little lunchbox!!
    "This little guy surprised me. Usually these little amps lack features and they sound small. It has a single tube and is a hybrid amp. It does have that tube feel. It is on par as far as sound with my dual terror and has more features. The speaker cab is fine for practice but it is a small speaker so bassy chugging can be challenging at higher volume. At lower volumes it sounds really good. The cab simulation on the headphone out is amazing. Plus it has an FX loop!! If you want to rock out at higher volumes I would suggest the micro dark and a 1x12 cab. It runs my orange ppc112 great. If you want a richer tube tone go with the dual terror or spring for the rockerverb."
    Amazing Little Combo!
    "With everything that comes with it, the value is amazing. The amp itself is a little powerhouse. Ive been able to dial it in from smooth clean tones to grit and crunch that will allow for easy rock or metal tones without pedals. With pedals, the FX loop sounds and works as expected, takes pedals like any other higher priced amp would. Headphone out has built in IR to model a 4x12 orange cabinet, which through headphones or recording to your interface direct, it sounds amazing. It's a nice option if you don't want to mic the cabinet. I was using a Katana mk2 and after the novelty of the software ran out and always searching for that "perfect tone" to no avail, I decided to get this and some pedals to learn how to build my sound the old fashioned way. While no pedals are needed to get great sound, I will say, with a few budget pedals found on amazon this thing is rocking on a new level. I will say the shape knob is very touchy and can be a bit fidgety at first but, once you get the hang of how the curve works on it, you will be fine. I can say I am very Impressed and happy with this little combo."
More About This Item
  • SOLID STATE HYBRID DESIGN W/ VALVES - The Micro Dark sports a new high gain circuit which blends valve and solid state technology. The preamp uses a single ECC83 (12AX7) valve and produces a huge range of usable tones with warm cleans, smooth overdrive and immense, crushing distortion. Its robustly designed solid state output section means the Micro Dark can be paired with any 8-16 Ohm cabinet.
  • VOICE OF THE WORLD SPEAKERS - Our own custom designed speakers deliver the perfect balance between modern low-end punch and vintage highs, maintaining clarity even when pushed.
  • CLASSIC ORANGE STYLING - Finished in our legendary livery dating back to 1968, the PPC108 features our basket weave vinyl, woven speaker grille cloth and signature ‘picture frame’ edging.

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