Orange Amplifiers PPC Series PPC108 1x8 20W Closed-Back Guitar Speaker Cabinet

Top Reviews from the United States
    Orange Micro Terro 1x8 cab, small but mighty
    "I bought this cab to go along with the Micro Terror head. I thought it would be more of a novelty than a real mini-1/2 stack. This cab is very well built just like all the other "big boy" Orange products. If this mini-cab is any indication of the quality of the other products in Orange's line, I'm going to be adding more items to my growing collection!

    Don't expect the sound of a 4X12 or even a 12" speaker cab out of this little fella. Do expect great small speaker amp tone. I've used it as a monitor speaker cab (along with the Micro Terror Head) to power my POD or M-Audio Black Box in live situations. High volumes will overdrive the speaker, but it can get quite loud and remain fairly clean allowing the use of a pedal board to enhance your tones.

    If you're looking for a 1X8 small cab that's built like a tank, look no further. It makes a great pair with the Micro Terror Head for a small practice amp."
    Great for late night jamming
    "I needed something just like this for a Randall rd5h. I was using a 2x12 with one speaker unhooked for 8 ohms (I dont care if mismatching ohms is claimed to be safe, i dont take the risk) Even with a low watt amp, a 12 inch speaker is still to loud for jamming at 4am. The orange 1x8 fit the bill perfectly between being 8 ohms and being a little "less" or crappy so to say compared to a 12 inch. Will your low watt amp sound better through a 12inch speaker? Most likely yes. It doesnt mean you should dismiss this 1x8, because its great if you use it for its intended purpose. If you want to be loud and hear great tone, invest in something more practical for your needs."
    quality top, tone ok.
    "the micro terror sounds better out of a 112'' speaker cab. this cab has ok tone. The ppc108 is great looking and has ok tone, but i like a 12'' speakers tone.the thing looks cool and are you really going to gig the micro terror?you could. so ill say, i dont regret buying this cab for practice. But if you have a 112 cab not being used, save your money. i have a vox t112tv cab that i use for my tiny terror and the micro sound great out of it and its only 170."
More About This Item
  • Unboxed Dimensions (W X H X D) 10.24 X 10.24 X 6.5″
  • Unboxed Weight 8.93LB

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