Monoprice 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet With Celestion Vintage 30, Designed to Match to our 30-Watt Stage Right Head - Stage Right Series

Top Reviews from the United States
    This cabinet is great. Just what I needed.
    "I bought this to use with my Orange Micro Dark amplifier so I didn't have to lug my marshall 1960a 4x12 cabinet around. It sounds awesome."
    Nice portable cabinet
    "Great cabinet. It’s a real vintage 30. Hooked it up to my Tubemiester 36 and it sounds great. Nice to take out to jam with friends. Totally worth the money."
    Great Cab
    "Paired this with a 6505mh and it sounds great. Good build quality and of course the V30 sounds like a V30."
More About This Item
  • Road ready: The 12in size, comfortable, leather handle, and rugged durability make this an ideal cab for the road.
  • Its sound has been captured on thousands of recordings from a diverse range of notable players including Slash, Steve Stevens, and Peter Frampton.

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