Marshall Origin 240-Watt 4x12 Inches Slant Extension Cabinet Amplifier Part (ORI412A)

Top Reviews from the United States
    It’s a Marshall
    "What can I say, it’s a Marshall and the name speaks for the quality. This completed my Marshall stack and I absolutely love it. The sound is incredible, something you only get from Marshall"
    Excellent Sound
    "I bought this cabinet for my son to play his Mesa Boogie triple rectifier amplifier through. It has handled everything that Mesa and my son can give it. Excellent sound quality in overall sturdy construction makes this thing a winner!"
    "I always wanted a Marshall stack set up. I bought this and paired it with a Marshall origin head unit and get some outstanding quality tones. Go to the Marshall website to get some recommendations for settings and it is fun to play around with that."
More About This Item
  • Sup[erb speakers delivering great bass response and a punchy mid-range
  • Perfect for the road with durable construction and recessed handles

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