Electric Guitar 1X15 Empty 15" Speaker Carpet Cabinet Enclosure Box 1/4" Jack

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    Great box!!!
    "I put some foam cushioning on the inner-walls and put a 15" 400 Watt Pulse Celestion in it, it sounds great!!! I got a Little Mark Tube 800 running it, it kicks."
    Works for Me!
    "I bought this cab because I did NOT want to build a new cab to house my classic and still working JBL D140F (reconed by JBL in the 1990's). This driver is imho the BEST Efficient bass driver ever built. In the late 1960's, it was by far the BEST bass speaker you could buy. Back then, alot of MI cabs were built using MDF, and they were very HEAVY. I wanted to port this driver into a plywood cab. The cab is very light, and construction seems to be good. I lined the cab with polyfill, removed the 1/4" plate supplied (a Neutrix Speakon connecter goes into the hole perfectly), and drilled holes to mount the D140F as well as the 4 points to mount the perforated grille with clamps. I (wired the speaker as per JBL specs for the D140F from the 60's - Reverse Polarity - if you want the speaker to punch OUT on Positive voltage, with these old JBL drivers, positive=negative and vice-versa). Everything is as it should be...... The speaker sounds GREAT in this very inexpensive cabinet! I could have NOT built this cabinet for this price point... (considering the labor involved).... Would I have braced it, yes, but it seems to be holding up..... I am looking forward to using this in travel whenever I use Bass guitar instead of Double bass (I have different amps and cabinets for that marvelous instrument)!"
    "I didn’t expect much for $100. But I was pleasantly surprised that the reviews on Amazon were generally accurate.

    My box arrived with good packaging, but some of the wood screws were strewn throughout the packaging. Looks like the plastic bag carrying them had come loose.

    There were some imperfections inside the speaker hole cutout. The rim area had felt that was obviously cut by a careless hand. However, this will be covered anyway by the speaker after installation.

    The felt had a barely noticeable tear, and the input jack was slightly bent. Looks cheap, so I will probably upgrade. The included wires, however, are pretty robust.

    The box appears to be made from plywood, which is much better than MDF. Plywood can expand and shrink without cracking, unlike some solid wood.

    Missing a speaker grill, but anyone can buy on Amazon for a few dollars. There is no baffling for installing speaker cloth, so you’d have to make one yourself. Otherwise, an external speaker grill is the easiest solution.

    Overall, this is a great value for an empty 15” cabinet. The next best option is about twice the price, including shipping costs. If you want a better appearing cabinet with unusual tolex colors like orange, red, or white, your options are to buy this cab and use a heat gun to remove the felt. Or you can order one for twice the price as this cabinet."
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  • DIMENSIONS: 18" Width x 18-3/8" Height x 11-3/4" Top Depth x 12-1/8" Bottom Depth
  • ENHANCED SOUND PROJECTION: One of the main advantages of the SC15E is its ability to shape your guitar tone. You can choose and install a 15-inch guitar speaker that complements your playing style and sonic preferences. This customization allows you to achieve the specific sound you're looking for, whether it's warm and vintage or modern and high-gain.

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