American Sound Connection Electric Guitar 1X12 Empty 12" Speaker Carpet Cabinet Enclosure Box 1/4" Jack

Top Reviews from the United States
    Bang 4 $
    "I'm a carpenter, make cabinets for a living
    But the time involved for me to build & cover the speaker box just didn't add up ....this company like me is just set up to produce a specific quantity product.. well done guys ... so unless you have nothing else to do ( around the house ) but need a 12 " speaker cabinet. GFI go for it"
    Nicer then I expected
    "Expectations were low given the cost. But these are actually decent little cabinets. The only real knock I have is that the wires didn't come with any connectors but I had some on hand so not really a big deal"
    One major flaw
    "This box is an overall good value with one caveat. The boards are all glued together - the problem with this is that the rear panel is not easily removable therefore your only choice is to install the speaker on the outside of the front panel. Most speaker grill covers don't come with clamps that have a high enough profile to accommodate the extra depth created by installing the speaker on the outside. Returned for this reason"
More About This Item
  • PORTABILITY: The cabinet's manageable size and weight make it relatively easy to transport to gigs, rehearsals, or recording studios. It provides the convenience of having a dedicated speaker cabinet for amplifying your guitar without the bulk of a larger enclosure.
  • ENHANCED SOUND PROJECTION: One of the main advantages of the SC12E is its ability to shape your guitar tone. You can choose and install a 12-inch guitar speaker that complements your playing style and sonic preferences. This customization allows you to achieve the specific sound you're looking for, whether it's warm and vintage or modern and high-gain.

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